As in the last post, these photos were taken by Tom & Gloria Burgess, and the captions are by Jill Ryder:

“on the first day of our trip: the Carlos Hillner Decoud Carriage Museum in Quimes, originally built in 1904 by copying a barn from northern France” – J.R.

“on day 2: a horse and carriage driving down the tree-lined back entrance to Estancia La Invernado near General Belgrano; we were hosted this day by Dr. Guillermo Gibelli” – J.R.

“on the third day: one of the seven vehicles (all in original condition) left from the original collection started by Hector Guerrero at Estancia Charles Viego near Carilo; the collection and estancia are now owed by Eduardo Guerrero (grandson of Hector)” – J.R.

“Tom Burgess, Jill Ryder, and Elizabeth Ashbridge closely inspect a Morgan & Co., London Dog Cart in the Eduardo Guerrero collection” – J.R.

“on the sixth day of our trip, this fantastic asada was prepared for us at the Estancia La Mora” – J.R.

“Roberto & Lujan Fox, with their children, accepted a copy of Tom Ryder’s last book from Elizabeth Ashbridge and Jill Ryder” – J.R.