… after adding water (it has, indeed, rained several times over the past week or so) … the collection of orange and pink flags grew into a collection of posts:

a crop of posts has sprouted at the site of a new WEG marathon obstacle, where before there was a crop of flags (which you can see in the second photo from the Nov. 12 post)

Of course, I’m joking. There’s a whole lot more effort involved in putting all these posts in place. Today, I went out to the site of yet another new WEG marathon obstacle, which I think will be known as “The Hedges.” There, posts were still being wrestled into the ground. And mighty hard work it appears to be, too. As you can see in this photo, some of the posts are firmly in the ground and some aren’t quite yet. While I was there, Aaron, Isaac, and Lenny were hard at work: setting posts in their deep holes (dug by hand with post-hole diggers), making sure they were plumb and level, and laboriously tamping the soft dirt (it has rained, remember) in around them.

some posts at the new “Hedges” obstacle … some are set and some are still being placed

one of the posts, in place but not yet firmly set

Back over at Mick’s Mountain, it appears that the pergola (shown recently while in progress) is now finished:

my, what a pretty pergola

And, finally, here’s one of the sculptural new posts (yes, it’s a former tree) at yet another obstacle:

a beautiful new post, made from a tree, over at … wait, I’m not going to say which obstacle this is … we don’t want to give EVERYTHING away