Yesterday was a perfect fall day for working outside: sunny but not hot, breezy but not cold, and with a bright blue sky overhead. I was working at my computer, as usual, when Mick (the course builder for the WEG cross-country and marathon courses) called to say they were just starting work on some of the decorative additions to the big hill obstacle — “Mick’s Mountain.” So, naturally, I grabbed my camera and went out into the sunshine to get some photographic evidence of the work being done.

the first two supports being added to either side of the pillars at the top of the hill … these are being held up at the moment by the front-loader’s forks, before they’re actually attached to the pillars

Isaac (on the left) checks whether the boards are level, while Mick (on the right) gets into position to help hold them in place while they’re attached

gathering the boards for the two pillars on the other side of the hilltop

while Mick collects the next set of boards, Isaac marks where they should go

the second set of boards is hoisted up into place