I tweeted a week ago about all the flags that have sprouted in areas that will soon (well, sometime within the next eight or nine months) be new marathon obstacles for next year’s WEG.

Admittedly, they don’t look like much at this stage, but see if you can pick out the spots of orange and pink in these two photos … these are the “way-before” photos of two new marathon obstacles.

can you see them? under the trees, there in the “grove” are flags marking a new obstacle for next year’s WEG driving marathon (10/9/10)

this one is near the Sunken Road and Mick’s Mountain

And, on a separate note, here are a portion of the newly re-surfaced Nina Bonnie Rd and one of the pretty new streetlights. Aren’t we getting fancy here at the Horse Park?

new streetlights along the re-paved Nina Bonnie Rd at the Kentucky Horse Park