Saturday of this past weekend was a busy, busy day here at the Horse Park. There was a charity walk, a wedding, a horse show in the covered arena, “regular” KHP tourists, the many equines and people here for the National Drive, and more.

As part of the National Drive, there was activity in the barns:

heading out of the barns for a drive

stopping to say hello on the way to getting weighed (a scale was provided at the far end of the vendor area, for the weighing of minis, drafts, and everything in between)

… activity in the various arenas being used by the National Drive participants:

taking a lesson

taking a turn through a practice marathon obstacle

getting the hang of a cones course

… and activity out in the park itself:

a variety of turnouts out for a drive

these two were ready with their rain gear, although (thankfully) it stayed dry

a smart-looking pair of ponies

“goodbye” from the National Drive