The preliminary-level dressage tests are now finished, and all the event officials have had their lunch (here in the CAA offices) and are back to work for this afternoon’s intermediate classes.

Here are the top three drivers in each of the four preliminary-level classes:

Single ponies (seven competitors): Paul Maye is in the lead, with a score of 47.33; Suzi Dixon is in second place (61.33); and Dona Love is in third (63.56).

Pony pairs (three competitors): Boots Wright is in the lead, with a score of 56.22; Meghan Benge is in second place (60.00); and Irene Gillis is in third (83.33).

Single horses (eight competitors): Dean Lacey is in the lead, with a score of 56.00; Bonnie Hudson is in second place (57.11); and Pamela Gordon is in third (58.22).

Horse pairs (three competitors): Lew Smith is in the lead, with a score of 65.78; Glenn McGirr is in second place (77.11); and Fred Dearborn is in third (79.11).

Unfortunately (or fortunately, I suppose, since I missed all of this morning’s terrible rain), I was only able to watch about one and a half tests late in the morning. Fred Dearborn (pictured below with his pair of Morgans) is from nearby Danville, KY, and is the father of Katharine, who works (for the Carriage Museum of America) in our CAA office. During his test, practically an entire flock of geese flew overhead, low and honking the whole way. His pair of horses, though, never batted an eye so, as he said later, they passed the “goose test” even though the rest of the dressage test didn’t go as well as he would’ve liked.

Fred Dearborn (prelim. horse pair) wasn’t very happy with his dressage test, but his Morgans passed the “goose test”

Stay tuned for intermediate-level dressage results and photos. And tomorrow and Sunday, I won’t need to keep running back to the office (it will be the weekend, after all!), so I’ll have lots of marathon and cones photos from all the various divisions.