Here, without further ado, are photos from yesterday afternoon (see the previous post for dressage results and wrap-up info from the first day of competition) …

These are in no particular order.

Bill Long performing his dressage test with Jack Wetzel’s team of horses; Bill is in eleventh place after dressage, with a score of 67.71

Boyd Exell (who lives in England but drives for Australia) finished in third place with Keady Cadwell’s team of horses

Gary Stover driving a one-handed circle; he’s in tenth place after dressage (67.46)

Gavin Robson, the other Australian driver, actually lives in Ohio and so is somewhat of a local favorite among the area driving clubs; he’s in fifth place after dressage (60.80)

Jimmy Fairclough drives a team of horses owned by Jane Clark; he’s been National Champion several times and has represented the U.S. internationally many times as well (here, he’s in fourth place after dressage, with 52.61)

Josh Rector (from Arizona) finished the dressage phase in seventh place (64.64)

Mike McLennan of Texas finished the dressage phase in sixth place, with a score of 63.36

Wendy Ying is currently in fourteenth place out of sixteen competitors (74.75)

in second place after dressage, Tucker Johnson is less than two points behind the leader … should make for an intense competition as he and Chester Weber each vie for a record seventh National Championship

Chester Weber is in the lead by a slim margin after the dressage phase; his right leader is a five-year-old being trained as a new dressage partner for Chester’s successful, veteran dressage horse Rolex

Larry Poulin, who plans to retire from competition after this event, drove Natasha Grigg’s pair of horses to the best dressage score of the day (37.50)