The intermediate-level dressage tests are now finished, and with them, the entire dressage phase at this year’s Lexington Combined Driving Classic.

Here are the top three drivers in each of the intermediate-level classes:

Single ponies (eight competitors): Debbie Schuster is in the lead, with a score of 49.56; Sybil Humphreys is in second place (51.56); and Janelle Marshall is in third (52.00).

Pony pairs (three competitors): Caroline Whittle is in the lead, with a score of 62.22; Linda Yutzy is in second place (68.00); and Ray Mansur is in third (71.78).

There is only one driver in the tandem pony class. Mark Dahlberg scored 65.78 on his dressage test.

Single horses (seven competitors): Sue Mott is in the lead, with a score of 49.78; Boo Fitch West is in second place (53.78); and Marcie Quist is in third (62.67).

Horse pairs (five competitors): Misdee Wrigley Miller is in the lead, with a score of 49.56; Pat Hastings is in second place (57.11); and Rae Fischer is in third (66.78).

I made it out to the dressage arena late this afternoon (after a walk around some of the marathon obstacles, but more on that in a minute). The only class I was able to see all of were the intermediate horse pairs. So, naturally, I offer a few photos (in no particular order):

although she said she wasn’t very pleased with her test, Misdee Wrigley Miller is leading her class and is tied with Debbie Schuster for the best dressage score among the intermediate-level drivers

Pat Hastings, who finished in second place, was driving an adorable pair of Dales, which is an English pony breed, although these two have matured to horse size

Rae Fischer, the 2008 winner in this class, finished in third place despite five points being added for an error of course

Terry Tobias is in fourth place after dressage; look at his rear wheel to see how bad the mud had gotten by this afternoon, after this morning’s heavy rain

As mentioned, I did a bit of a walk around to see some of the marathon obstacles decorated for tomorrow (before the ground gets churned up too much by all those hooves and wheels). Here are three of the seven obstacles:

obstacle number 1, the Wishing Well

obstacle number 4 (this is one we’ve been calling the “hill” … it’s official name is “Mick’s Mountain”); the people on top of the hill lend a bit of perspective, don’t you think?

the entrance to obstacle number 5, the Hollow