Here (finally!) are video clips of each of the U.S. drivers in one of the eight marathon obstacles at the World Pony Driving Championships. Several of these were shot at the same obstacle (number 2), so you can see the different paths that each driver chose). In the background, you can hear the cheers, applause, and whistles of spectators at the obstacle being filmed and at other nearby obstacles; the announcer; and even a few snippets of the eighties-era music that blared from the loudspeakers all day. Enjoy!

If you scroll down to the Aug. 14 post (“dressage awards parades — in motion”), I’ve added the video clips of the pair and four-in-hand laps of honor after the dressage awards presentations.

After this current post, we’ll have at least one more post featuring the final (overall) awards and medal ceremonies, so keep checking in with us each day!