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The Dutch company Chr. Van den Heuvel Carriages will help the drivers who will compete at the first FEI World Cup qualifier this weekend in Hannover, Germany.

The ship’s container with carriages and equipment will arrive in Europe next month, from Kentucky, which means IJsbrand Chardon and Koos de Ronde will not be able to compete with their own carriages.

Van den Heuvel will put De Ronde’s old marathon carriage, which he used during the 2008/2009 season, at his disposal. He will therefore compete with a carriage that he knows well, which is an advantage to him because of the high speed of the indoor events.

IJsbrand Chardon will compete with a new marathon carriage: “Despite the fact that I have had this carriage for two years, I have not competed with it yet. I prefer to compete with my regular carriage because then I know exactly what to expect. As soon as the container arrives, my damaged marathon carriage will go immediately to Van den Heuvel for repair and check-up.”

The double World Cup Champion and World Champion, Boyd Exell from Australia, will borrow Robert Wilkinson’s carriage, which is the same model as his own carriage.

Tomas Eriksson’s carriage was flown from Kentucky, so the Swedish driver will use his own carriage. The competitors list in Hannover on October 30 and 31 is completed with Hungary’s Zoltan Lázar and József Dobrovitz, and wild card driver Christoph Sandmann of Germany.