From September 25 through October 10, there were

507,022 attendees;

16,800 feet of bike barricade;

8 miles of linear fencing;

396 temporary structures;

70 temporary power generators;

59 miles of electrical cable;

20,000 temporary seats;

more than 11,000 signs placed around the park;

500 flags;

30,000 feet of extension cord;

632 athletes;

752 horses;

58 countries;

more than 100,000 servings of Kentucky Ale brand beers poured;

1,734 Maker’s Mark bottles dipped in red wax at the station inside the Kentucky Experience;

175,220 pounds of recyclable and compostable materials removed from the park;

56 percent of waste diverted from landfills through green initiatives;

500 temporary toilet facilities;

7.6 million page views to the Games website from September 25 through October 10;

193 countries represented in website visitors;

62,707 school children visiting the Games, thanks to Alltech;

79,802 Facebook fans…and still counting;

6,000 volunteers;

1.1 million meals served to spectators, staff, athletes, and volunteers;

112,368 cars parked;

326,260 trips to and from the Games taken through the main entry transport mall; and

16,000 caps, 5,000 walking sticks, and 1,000 saddle pads sold in the merchandise store.